10 February 2016

Towns of Basilicata: Brindisi di Montagna

There are ruins of a castle overlooking this mountain-top town. Common names found here include: Allegretti, Larocca, Rago, Vaccaro, Benedetto, Pecora, Sabia

08 February 2016

Carnevale in Basilicata

Basilicata does not have Carnevale events like those in Venice, but there are some unique traditions. Small town settings and lack of crowds make these events more enjoyable as you can be a part of the action.

The season begins in January with the Festa di Sant' Anotonio, where many towns have large bonfires in their main piazza.

The weekend before Ash Wednesday is the climax of events in towns such as Satriano di Lucano where they have a symbolic wedding with the bride and groom representing local towns coming together in peace.

Tricarico is locally famous for their colorful and loud parade with costumes and cow bells.

So if you want to experience Carnevale on a more personal level think about a visit to Basilicata.

25 January 2016

Towns of Basilicata: Matera

Matera is the second Provincial Capital of Basilicata.

07 January 2016

HHI Goes International

We were part of a House Hunters International episode that aired in 2011based on our house purchase here in Trivigno.

Now this episode has truly gone international as it is now showing in Europe on the Fine Living network and in Italy under the program VADO A VIVERE IN ITALIA.

Our friends here who could never see the program in 2011 are now able to see it dubbed into Italian and we have had several stop us in the piazza to comment on how wonderful it is to see us and their town on TV.

You can see the original on YouTube.